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Use a range of rods/bait to catch fish of varying rarity
7 seas image

Almost indistinguishable from Neo-Realms fishing to a casual observer. 'Salvage' can also be found, grouped into sets, which can be traded for objects such as boats.

There are numerous fishing holes in world (available on a franchise system), and regular tournaments. Caught fish can become pets.


Part-soccer, part-snooker, 'family-friendly' game

Played on a pitch that resembles a soccer field, but has pockets around the edge like a snooker; players push around coloured prims aiming to match them with the coloured pockets.

Originally developed to demonstrate less controversial possibilities in SL, it seems to no longer be active.


Social Vampire game with blood and souls as commodities
Bloodlines image

Players lose blood each 24hr cycle and must replenish it by feeding from other players or recruiting new ones. Online ranking based on the number of 'souls' acquired (new players recruited), and various equipment available for dealing/storing blood and souls.

Widely played throughout SL, but arousing some controversy with comparisons to a pyramid scheme.


A Battletech/Mech Warrior inspired combat game
mech combat image

Players don robot avatars (of which there are several varieties), and can attach additional weapons and equipment. Combat takes place in a modern urban setting.

There are several active clans who fight over territory on a tactical map.


2 player head-to head game with a medievil theme.
Cannons and castles

Attack your opponent's castles while attempting to defend your own. Gameplay is based on anticipating your opponent's actions (similar to rock-paper-scissors).


"Press-your-luck-style" random chance game for 2-4 players
Can't stop

The aim is to claim 3 of 11 columns before any other player; advancing your pieces up the board by combining values on 4 dice.

The HUD/table handles all calculations and combinations of dice.


Gothic-style role play and combat using CCS
lost angels image

Set in a dark, near-future environment, it includes groups such as Angels, Demons, Vampires and Werewolves. Both Melee and ranged weapons are supported.

This is a mature game, including sexual content.


Familiar 'who dunnit' boardgame with an SL theme
Take it Easy

Gameplay follows the real-world boardgame, with the aim to identify culprit, location and murder weapon. Action is controlled through a detailed HUD.

All cards are SL themed; for example locations include Sandbox, Telehub and Dance Club; while weapons include the Watermellon and Blunt Prim.


2 player game based on a collectable card system
combat cards image

Players have decks of virtual cards, from which a hand is drawn. Players' avatars enact fight sequences as the cards are played. A free demo deck is available, with vendors distributing random cards from which players can create custom decks.

There are several locations to play in-world, which contribute to an online ranking, and a real-world version has recently been released.


"Press-your-luck-style" game for 3-8 players; with explosions
Danger Zone

Players stay in the game as long as they dare, gathering points ("gems"), and risking ruin ("spectacular deaths").

The game is played over several rounds, with "killed" players resurrected for each round. Highest total gem-count wins.


Fantasy role play with a turn-based combat system
dark life image

Players engage in turn-based combat with a variety of creatures, with the option of looting corpses. Experience is gained to increase stats, and a internal 'gold' system for acquiring equipment.

Team play is encouraged (including a multiplier bonus based on team size), and a magic system is included.


Number based fencing game
on guard image

The game area is divided into segments, with number cards used to control advance and retreat. Strategic use of the number cards in your hand allows you to attack, power attack and parry.

The game can be played at several locations in world, or is available in both personal and commercial licenses.


Use a range of rods/bait to catch fish of varying rarity
neo realms image

Almost indistinguishable from 7Seas to a casual observer. 'Quest items' can also be found, grouped into sets, which can be traded for objects such as boats.

There are numerous fishing holes in world (available on a franchise system), and regular tournaments. Can fish anywhere in-world, but only get inventory items at official locations.


Cake-themed luck and strategy game

Possibly Procyon games' most complex offering - in both gameplay and playing table. The only options available are 'play' and 'pass' but the game is kept interesting through random chance and player interactions.


Ice Hockey; formerly SL Hockey Association
second life hockey image

There are 11 teams divided into European and North American divisions (so that games can be played at times reasonable to the players). The association is currently in its 7th season.

The required equipment is available for free, but players must be drafted into existing teams in order to compete in the league.


'Press-your-luck' style game for 2-8 players
Greedy Greedy

You repeatedly roll the dice, locking one each time. Dice will not always display a value, and if none of the rolled dice show a value then you score no points for that turn. You can stop on any turn; in which case your final score is the sum of all locked dice. Highest score wins.


Futuristic-themed racing game using hover-boards
Grunge Board

A futuristic tunnel serves as the race track, and a variety of 'tricks' can be performed by clicking buttons on the HUD provided. Equipment is available for free.

Only one track is available, but it is fairly long.


2 player piece-based board game with lasers

Official recreation of a real-world board game. Players move 'mirrored' pieces around a chequered board (as used in draughts), directing a simulated laser beam to destroy their opponent's pieces.


Sci-Fi themed collectable card game

Extremely well polished 2-player, turn-based, collectable card game, using a rock-paper-scissors system. Action is played out visually between avatars with particle effects etc.

Games can be played at any location, but the website lists several arenas where opponents can be found. No free demo set.


Avatar martial-arts combat system

Rage uses the "Combat Evolution" system by Abranimations. Players require a HUD to trigger combat animations and track damage.

Several combat styles are available, along with competitions and rankings tracked via the official website.


Radio Control-style combat with a variety of vehicles and characters.
Pocket Battlers

Each player has their own 'battler', which they can rez and battle wherever they have permission.

There are currently 3 different battlers, each with 3 skills/attacks that are triggered from a HUD.


Samurai sword fighting game
samurai island image

Attacks are performed, in real-time, by holding the mouse button and using combinations of arrow key presses. The Katana is the primary weapon used, although other bladed weapons are available.

Several themed sims are used, but the combat can take place between two equipped players at any location.


Skateboarding system with a relaxed attitude to physics

Tricks are performed through a combination of the cursor keys and pgUp/pgDwn. The textures, board and gestures can be customised, either by yourself or using products bought from the various shops.

The Simboard can be used throughout SL, but there is a large skatepark at Dream Horizon where competitions are held.


One sentence description
SL Buttonmen

SL version of Buttonmen from cheapass games. Customise a set of dice and rez them on demand. Supports all official dice types, but players must enforce rules themselves.


Bingo meets slot machine

Touted as the "new Tringo", Slingo is basically Bingo, with 5 numbers called at a time. Numbers appear in a row, slot-machine style, and must be matched to the columns of the game board directly above them.

Despite the SL part of the name, it appears that Slingo has been around since 1996 on the PC platform.


2-player Monopoly-style board game with a space theme
Solar Odyssey

Like Monopoly players roll dice and move around a square board, capturing territory, upgrading it, and being penalised if they land on their opponent's territory.

Unlike Monopoly there are two forms of currency, the ability to save a dice roll to be used later, warp points, and other variations.


Widely used lottery system, now banned

Sploders can have several variations, but in its simplest form players pay money into a pot; once the pot has reached a set limit it 'splodes', paying out random portions to those who put money in.

All chance-based games involving the exchange of money were banned by Linden Labs in 2007. This included Sploders.


2 player head-to-head game of anticipation
Spider Fly

Players take control of a spider and a fly, entering 3 moves at a time, and moving around a 3x3 grid. If the spider catches the fly then the spider wins. Roles can switch randomly between turns.


Tile placement game in various versions
Take it Easy

Comes in three versions - a solo puzzle, head-to-head, or party multi-player.

Game-play is the same in all versions - players are tasked with fitting patterned tiles into a hexagon grid, and awarded points if a a single coloured line is made between board edges.


HUD controlled mini-tank combat
Take it Easy

Tanks can be rezzed from inventory and controlled via a HUD. Controls include tank forward/left/right and turrent rotation/elevation. Includes physical projectiles and registers damage, allowing combat with other tanks.

A fixed-site version is also available, using control panels instead of a HUD, where players compete for money.


Robot-building base-capture game
tech warfare image

Winner of a 2006 Linden sponsored game competition. Players, either as individuals or teams, control a base and produce robots to battle their opponents. The players are involved in the action, and are eliminated if they take too much damage.

There is generally a fee to play.


Massivley multi-player, medievil empire game.
tiny empires image

The game is played through a HUD, which displays your empire's status and presents events each turn for the player to respond to. The aim of the game is to amass land and gold to improve in rank.

A hierarchical feudal system is used, where players gain gold from subjects and pay gold to a liege; both of which are other players. A free demo version is available.


Sci-Fi twist on the Tiny Empires game
Tiny Empires 3000

Newer variant of the Tiny Empires System set in a Space setting. The basic system of feudal hierarchy remains the same.


Generic system, but with majority of content in a samurai style
Total War HUD

Supports melee and ranged weapons, and according to the developers this includes weapons developed for other combat systems.

It includes a collection of objects, including a HUD to track combat damage, potion use etc; clan management thorugh a 'shrine'; and base attack team-games through a 'keep'.


Famous Bingo-Tetris Hybrid

A competative gambling game. All players receive tertis-style pieces at the same time, and compete to fill a grid. Fill more grids, earn more points, win the game.

Developed by Kermitt Quirk, it became a massive success in-world and spawned versions on other platforms - including the Gameboy Advance.


Turn-based team strategy game with a nautical theme
Twin Harbors

Covering a whole sim, two teams of five start in harbors at opposite corners and battle in the intervening sea. Each player captains 1 ship.

Pay-per-play; register as a team or individual and receive notification when the game is about to begin.


Turn-based medieval style strategy game

Players control 3 types of units, with a rock-paper-scissors system determining probabilities in combat. The game is played on a 5x5 grid.

Various versions are available in player vs player, player vs AI, pay-to-play and free-to-play flavours.


Apocalyptic future role play and combat
wastelands image

Players wear a HUD that tracks combat damage, as well as 'damage over time' events such as toxin exposure.

Central to gameplay is the random spawning of materials that can be scavenged and traded. No weapons or equipment developed externally can be used in the game.


HUD-driven two player magic dueling game

Players battle using spells, triggered by a HUD; with action played out through avatar animations and particle effects. Several arenas are spread throughout SL.