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My rarely updated personal website. For more up-to-date information, see the following sites (in descending order of likely update):

@diyspaceprojects Instagram Game development updates and the 100 days of robot sketches series

@thought_monkey Twitter

Google Play store listings

DIY Space Projects A site for space-related tutorials. Formerly

YouTube Channel

Personal details

Curriculum Vitae - update 2019/06/02

Portfolio up to 2009:
Flash-based portfolio timeline showing highlights of work produced up to 2009.

Mixed Reality demonstrations and tutorials

YouTube playlist

Worked as technical director on a trail of AR installations developed by artist Ashok Mistry

OnVert competition entries (Hidden Robot won the competition):
Hidden Robot, Tiger Vs Tiger, and Vodka promotion

Freud Museum Installation:
AR installation to accompany John Goto's Dreams of Jelly Roll exhibition.

Various Additional Arts Projects:
Collaborations with photographer and artist John Goto.

Everything past this point is at least a decade old

Fluid Bench 3D simulator:
3D simulation created in Unity3D for students to rehearse an experiment.

Virtual workplace - Factory:
Flash-based representation of a production line used in the teaching or ergonomics.

OpenSim educational IAR :
A collection of educational tools that can be imported into an OpenSim environment.

Learning Objects for Construction :
Several learning activities in development, for self-directed learning of principles relevant to construction.

Graphic Design:
Various examples of graphic design - for example, entries into competitions.

Originally detailing games produced in Second Life (hence the name), but now broader.

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