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-Yes, my webisite is a Wiki. 
 {{ :gib1k0bj_400x400.png |}} {{ :gib1k0bj_400x400.png |}}
 +My rarely updated personal website. For more up-to-date information, see the following sites (in descending order of likely update):
-=== Personal Details ===+\\
-[[CV-full|Curriculum Vitae - update 2017/01/29]]+[[|@diyspaceprojects Instagram]] 
 +Game development updates and the 100 days of robot sketches series
 [[|@thought_monkey Twitter]] [[|@thought_monkey Twitter]]
-[[|Space Skills]]\\ +[[|Google Play store listings]] 
-new project to create a site for space-related tutorials.+ 
 +[[|DIY Space Projects]] 
 +A site for space-related tutorials. Formerly
 [[|YouTube Channel]] [[|YouTube Channel]]
 +=== Personal details ===
 +[[CV-full|Curriculum Vitae - update 2019/06/02]]
 [[|Portfolio up to 2009]]:\\ [[|Portfolio up to 2009]]:\\
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 \\ \\
-=== Augmented Reality ===+=== Mixed Reality demonstrations and tutorials ===
-Mixed Reality demonstrations and tutorials:\\ 
 [[|YouTube playlist]] [[|YouTube playlist]]
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 \\ \\
-=== Past Projects ===+=== Everything past this point is at least a decade old ===
 [[fluid-bench|Fluid Bench 3D simulator]]:\\ [[fluid-bench|Fluid Bench 3D simulator]]:\\
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