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Yes, my webisite is a Wiki.

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Personal Details

Curriculum Vitae - update 2012/03/16

Portfolio up to 2009:
Flash-based portfolio timeline showing highlights of work produced up to 2009.

Originally detailing games produced in Second Life (hence the name), but now broader.

Augmented Reality

Westend Blues Augmented Reality app:
Mobile app built on the Layar platform for geo-located artworks. Press release available here.

Various AR Arts Projects:
Collaborations with photographer and artist John Goto.

OnVert competition entries Hidden Robot and Tiger Vs Tiger

Tutorial: Creating an Augmented Reality MMORPG with Layar
The basic principles, requirements, and code, to get you started.

Past Projects

Virtual workplace - Factory:
Flash-based representation of a production line used in the teaching or ergonomics.

SL games list :
A growing list of games available within Second Life

OpenSim educational IAR :
A collection of educational tools that can be imported into an OpenSim environment.

Fluid Bench 3D simulator:
3D simulation created in Unity3D for students to rehearse an experiment.

Learning Objects for Construction :
Several learning activities in development, for self-directed learning of principles relevant to construction.

Miscellaneous Bin

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