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Personal Details

Curriculum Vitae - update 2012/03/16

Portfolio up to 2009:
Flash-based portfolio timeline showing highlights of work produced up to 2009.

Originally detailing games produced in Second Life (hence the name), but now broader.

Tutorial: Creating an Augmented Reality MMORPG with Layar
The basic principles, requirements, and code, to get you started.

Augmented Reality

Westend Blues Augmented Reality app:
Mobile app built on the Layar platform for geo-located artworks. Press release available here.

Various AR Arts Projects:
Collaborations with photographer and artist John Goto.

Past Projects

Virtual workplace - Factory:
Flash-based representation of a production line used in the teaching or ergonomics.

SL games list :
A growing list of games available within Second Life

OpenSim educational IAR :
A collection of educational tools that can be imported into an OpenSim environment.

Fluid Bench 3D simulator:
3D simulation created in Unity3D for students to rehearse an experiment.

Learning Objects for Construction :
Several learning activities in development, for self-directed learning of principles relevant to construction.

Miscellaneous Bin

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