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Producing Learning Materials/Content/Courseware

  • Describe what you have done relevant to the section
  • Reflect on this
  • Provide supporting evidence

In describing your specialist option you should refer to the values listed at the top of these guidelines. Because these are specialist options you should be clear what makes your work distinct from common practice; many people use databases, for example, but designing specific relational databases with tailored reports that are interoperable with the institution’s Managed Learning Environment would be considered specialist. Similarly, many teachers provide blended learning, but developing and sharing guidelines for such practice or working with a distinctive blend of contexts might distinguish your work as specialist. It may be that your specialist option is common amongst the group that you work in as you all work in a similar area; that is perfectly acceptable. Evidence for your specialist activity is likely to be very specific but could include: reports, papers or presentations you have written; this could be backed up by a job description plus written statements supporting your specialist knowledge from colleagues, clients or managers; active membership of professional or other bodies; certificates of completion of specialist training programmes or courses.

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