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 ===An understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technology=== ===An understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technology===
 +You should show how you have used (or supported others to use) technology appropriately,​ given the constraints and benefits it provides within your context.
 +Evidence in support of such statements might include a brief commentary on the choices behind the development and use of learning technology that influence its fitness for purpose. (This might discuss issues as affordances of the technology, viability, sustainability,​ scalability,​ interoperability and value for money.) You may already have something like this in the form of a design outline, proposal, conference presentation or similar. You should include such existing documentation wherever it seems relevant. Alternatively,​ you might want to take this opportunity to find out more about a technology you have deployed and produce a report on its viability.
 ===Technical knowledge and ability in the use of learning technology=== ===Technical knowledge and ability in the use of learning technology===
 +You should show that you have used a range of learning technologies. These might include web pages, Virtual Learning Environments,​ Computer-Aided Assessment, blogs, wikis, mobile technology, e-books, programming languages and so on..
 +Evidence might include copies of certificates (originals not needed) from relevant training courses, screenshots of your work, a note from academic or support staff who have worked with you or, if appropriate,​ confirmation that the work is your own from your line manager.
 ===Supporting the deployment of learning technologies=== ===Supporting the deployment of learning technologies===
 +Statements about your involvement in supporting the deployment of learning technology might relate to providing technical and/or pedagogic support to teachers or learners, advising on (orre-designing to take account of) technical and usability issues, developing strategies or policies, managing change, providing training or other forms of professional development,​ securing or deploying dedicated funding and so on, all within the context of the educational use of learning technology.
 +For evidence, you might include the overview section of a strategy document, meeting minutes, summaries of student feedback, testimonials or witness statements from other colleagues.
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