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 ===Contextual Statement=== ===Contextual Statement===
-  * your backgroundskills and experienceincluding current or recent activities or roles relevant to this application for CMALT+Currently my main role is as a developer of eLearning materials - both for the use of distance learners, and in support of classroom activities. Materials include interactive learning/assessment pieceswhere students practice solving problems and receive detailed feedback; as well as 'sandbox-style' simulations, where students can experiment is a less structured way, and build understanding through constructivist principles. 
-  * why you are wishing to complete the CMALT accreditation and + 
-  * how this relates to your future career aspirations.+Developments were initially Adobe Flash-based, but more recently involve the Unity game engine, and PHP/MySQL - for example the recent creation of a web-based business simulation platform. 
 +During my time at the University of Derby, I have also had several periods of secondment as a Learning Technologist - training staff in the use of tools for authoring materials, recording presentations, and eAssessment. I also led the adoption of a new University-wide eAssessment system, from initial testing to staff training materialsand currently sit on the the technical working group overseeing the introduction of electronic submission of written assignments. 
 +In addition to my main responsibilities, I am currently working as a sessional lecturer in foundation IT (Microsoft Office applications, web design) and Computing (computer architecture, databases, systems analysis and design). 
 +I have recent journal publications related to electronic assessment and student satisfaction. 
 +My aim in completing the accreditation is to gain recognition for skills and recent work, through a standardised certification that has meaning to my peers and potential future employers.  I intend to continue working in the educational sector, whether public sector or private, and technology is obviously a vital part of this sector.
 ===Core Areas=== ===Core Areas===
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