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Audio Annotator


The audio annotation tool aims to provide a way of attaching textual feedback to specific sections of an audio track (e.g. music composition). This could be used as a learning tool, highlighting important sections, or as a feedback tool for student produced work.

Demo Features

The demo includes a basic audio player with play, pause, stop and seek controls. Comments are listed in the main area underneath, and lines are used to indicate which portions of the track that the comments apply to. Hovering the mouse over either the comment or the line highlights its matching pair.

<object width="800" height="600">
<param name="movie" value="">
<embed src="" width="800" height="600">
Planned Features
  • Adding comments: use drag controls to define a comment line, and add acompanying text.
  • Saving and Loading: To allow transfer of comment text documents between users.
  • Comment range window: add a control to the playback head restricting which comments are displayed. A narrow range window will only show comments close to the area that is currently playing. This will be useful if lots of comments are added.
  • Video feature: a restructure of the interface will allow a video to be included. The play bar and comments will remain the same.
  • Possible online version: The main restriction is the size of the files, and the server space to store them.
Similar Applications

Project Pad
Clean interface, but requires a Sakai install and not updated since 2006

Professional level tool and compact, but expensive and possible overkill for many situations

Fully featured but complicated

The Audio Annotator will differentiate itself from these in being light-weight and easy to use; focusing on providing contextualised feedback for educational purposes.

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